Pressure Washing

Revitalize Your Home With Happy House Pressure Washing Services

Make your home, driveway and patio look like new with our Home Power & Pressure Washing services! Mr. Happy House can erase years of mold and dirt build-up by using the latest in pressure washing equipment and techniques to beautify your home, patio or driveway!

We understand that your home is a very large investment, and we want to help you retain your investment’s value. Implementing a maintenance plan that includes our yearly Home Power & Pressure Washing Services will ensure that your investment does not deteriorate as well as keeping your home looking its best.

Removes Mildew

Removes Years of Dirt Buildup

Saves You Time

Increases the Value of Your Home

Using our efficient, environmentally responsible Home Power & Pressure Washing cleaning agents and cleaning technology we can safely clean, restore, & preserve any type of painted or wooden siding.